Podcast: Crowdfunding Best Practices 2017

We’ve just released the 2017 RNL Crowdfunding Index, a study of 4,200 campaigns conducted through the RNL Crowdfunding platform (powered by ScaleFunder), raising more than $22.5 million. In the report we cover:

  • Average project totals, and the impact of major gifts, challenges, and early adopters.
  • How fundraisers are naming their campaigns.
  • The impact of ambassadors.
  • Average project lengths from first donation to last, and the impact of “participation” challenges.

I got on the line with Josh Robertson, vice president of project strategy here at RNL, to go through the results and discuss crowdfunding best practices. Check out our conversation on the Fundraising Voices podcast.

Download the Crowdfunding Index today, and if you’re ready to take your peer-to-peer fundraising engagement to the next level, contact us for a demo of what RNL Crowdfunding can do for you.

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Brian Gawor

Vice President for Research at Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Brian Gawor, CFRE, is 20-year higher education veteran and a former annual fund and major gift professional. As a member of the RNL Fundraising Consulting team, Brian now focuses on donor behavior, industry trends and benchmarking to drive the fundraising strategy of RNL partners. You can also hear Brian as the host of RNL's Fundraising Voices podcast.
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