How does your digital and young alumni donor engagement compare?

What’s working today in digital fundraising and Millennial donor engagement?

Download our latest research, Advancement Leaders Speak 2017: Digital Tactics and Young Alumni Engagement Strategies.

This report examines the use of emerging digital tactics by today’s fundraisers, along with how they are engaging Millennials and other young alumni. Key findings include:

  • Few institutions are deploying coordinated and personalized campaigns dedicated to young alumni
  • 81% of higher education fundraisers in the study solicited young alumni within one year of graduation, after an average of only three engagement communications
  • Only 3% of respondents reported personalizing their messaging based on recent online activity from the donor

You can also check out the podcast where Caryn Stein and I go through the report’s key takeaways from the survey:

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Brian Gawor

Vice President for Research at Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Brian Gawor, CFRE, is a former annual fund and major gift professional who now focuses on research and benchmarking to drive fundraising strategy. He is also a doctoral student studying higher education giving.
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